Norbertine Institute of Counselling and Empowerment

A counselling center for the students and parents of the students studying at St. Norbert CBSE School Koppa and students at ITI College, NR Pura, as well as for the students in and around NR Pura town is a long cherished dream of the Norbertine Fathers Mananthavady since we have been engaged in socio-educational development of this region. This dream received great impetus and opened a way for the realization with the spirited visit of Dr. Kees and Henny, who offered their full-hearted support for the realization of this ever-cherished dream. 

Counselling has become an important need due to the changing scenario in the familial and social relationship in our developing society. Students at their young age face number of problems and difficulties at home and schools. However, there are no counselling centers in NR Pura and Koppa to help these students and their parents to realize themselves and proceed in their life with more stable relationship and understanding.

Objectives of the Project

To meet the afore-mentioned needs, both preventive and treatment measures are necessary. Awareness programmes for parents regarding upbringing strategies; courses and trainings for teachers in schools and hostels aiming at the improvement of educational and didactic skills and procedures; informative meetings in schools, villages and parishes with respect to the risk of psychological problems among children: these and other measures may help preventing children and adolescents developing the afore-described psycho-social problems. And, for those children and adolescents who actually suffer from such problems, counselling and psychotherapeutic treatment, psychological guidance and advice are necessary, and not only for the children / adolescents, but also for their parents and families.


The main objectives of the project are:

1.To establish a counselling facility that can offer counselling to the students who suffer from psychological problems due to difficult family circumstances, high achievement pressure, problems with friends and classmates, negative experiences in school hostels, and other kind of problems; counselling can be provided either individually or in therapy groups, and for younger children in the form of play therapy

2. To provide therapeutic counselling, family therapy and if necessary marital counselling, to the parents of these children and adolescents

3. To equip the parents for proper parenting and enable them to attend to the needs of the children realistically

4. To offer psychological advice, guidance and training to the teachers of these children

Counselling facilities will be open to all people in the vast area of Koppa and NR Pura, irrespective of race, religion and caste.

The counselling facility will start at a small scale, either in separate rooms in the school or small buildings adjacent to the schools. The intention is to ultimately build a larger and independent counselling centre, but only after the counselling function has proven to be successful and when the demand for counselling is growing.

Target Group

Primarily, the target group of the counselling centre consists of the students of the schools of the Norbertine Fathers in NR Pura and Koppa, i.e. the CBSE-school for primary and secondary education in Koppa and the ITI-College for industrial training in NR Pura, as well as their parents.