NORBI Social Development Center, NR Pura

Literally and from the social, economic and political perspectives the statement is valid even today. Social Welfare Society N. R. Pura Taluk Chickamangalure District is a registered organization and is administered by Norbertine Fathers. Sustainable development of the rural poor is the vision of the organization. The mission of the organization is to implement community education and awareness programs at village level aimed at providing self-determination and self-reliance to the people and to engage in rural development activities which also aimed at improving the living conditions and general welfare of the poor particularly for rural women and children, farmers and other working people of whatever occupation irrespective of caste, race, creed or community.  

We receive donations and utilize them for the sustainable development of the people of the NR Pura and Koppa taluk in Chickanmangalore District. The activities of the organization are Women Empowerment program, SHG group formation, Fishermen Development Programs, Medical Care Village Program, De-addiction Programs, family counselling program for the addicted family, housing program for the poor people, Handicapped Development Program  at villages, Educational Sponsorship Programs, Organizing tuition classes for the village children, Special School for the disable children, Physiotherapy  and speech therapy for the differently abled children, income generation programs for the rural women, tailoring training center ‘Swanthana Mahila Sahayavani Kendra’  government of Karnataka, Book Binding Center for skilled rural women and youth development center.

 In N.R.Pura most of the people facing poverty, unemployment and inadequate infrastructure consequential social and economic tensions and economic deprivation. SWS try to provide economic growth and social justice, improvement in the living standard of the rural people by providing adequate and quality social services and their basic needs. We also focus on poverty alleviation, better livelihood opportunities, provision of basic amenities and infrastructure facilities such as drinking water, health facilities, rural housing and education through innovative programs and self-employment.